Relax and let us take care you.

Maintenance massage

Ideal for those looking to relieve some aches and pains and promote general wellbeing in their life. Massage is an immense pain reliever and has profound calming effects for those with nerve and muscular pain. Suffer no longer, let us take care you. After a quick assessment, the massage will be catered for you and your needs.

Pre event massage

For those looking to add an extra edge during competition.

Adding a pre event massage to your warm up can assist the circulatory system, minimising the onset of lactic acid and decongesting muscle tissues. A well prepared muscle is much less likely to be injured.

A pre event massage can greatly benefit an athlete’s mind set - invigorating their focus for precise, fast and explosive movements. Any athlete who deals with nerves prior to competition will see huge benefits from massage, as it can be used to relax and de-stress, allowing the athlete to perform at their best.

In competitive events, sports massage adds an advantage to those who receive it over their opponent who has not received any of the benefits of a pre event massage.

Intra event massage

For those looking to maintain a healthy body and a focused mind during a long day of competition.

The focus of this massage is to achieve a balance between recovering from last event whilst still being prepared to compete in the next event. Areas to focus on: flexibility of muscles, enhancing circulation and removal of metabolic waste products. However each massage can be altered to suit the need of the athlete for their specific competition.

Post event massage

For those looking to recover and repair the muscles from the wears and tears of competition.

Post event massage can slow down the inflammation response allowing athletes to get back to 100% function at a faster rate, easing the pain in the days following competition.

High level competition can be incredibly mentally demanding. Post event massage can perhaps have the greatest effect giving the athlete time to unwind and relax before heading out into their normal life. Our post event massages will be delivered with empathy and understanding as our sports message therapists understand what it means to put yourself out there and compete at the highest levels.

All treatments are adherent to HCPC standards of proficiency and CSP quality assurance standards. Treatments are insured by HISCOX.

Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)
Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)
Insurance by Hiscox
Insurance by Hiscox